Canzine West Vancouver 2012

6 Nov


Canzine West Vancouver is fast approaching!

Lots of artists, and comics creators will be in attendance!

November 17, 2012
W2, 111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Check it out!


6 Nov

THIS WEEKEND NOVEMBER 10-11, is the Vancouver Gaming Expo in New Westminster.

The Columbia.
530 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC
V3L 1B1

Organized by the same peeps who threw the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo earlier this year.

Check out the schedule and more at

Vancouver Animation School: Introduction to Anime & Manga

24 Oct

Do you consume more anime and manga than actual food and often find yourself wishing that you could only bring the characters in your mind to life (That due to no fault of your own all look like anime characters)? If so, join our very own Zephos with the Vancouver Animation School’s newest class this November 12, 2012 to jump start your journey in drawing anime and manga illustrations the way YOU want it!… doesn’t hurt if what you want to draw are cute anime girls either, just saying. ~^_^~

Thanks to the magic of Vancouver Animation School’s system, the Introduction to Anime & Manga Illustration course can be taken anywhere that there is electricity, the power of the internets and a computer with an OS not reliant on punch cards! Also, classes are live with hands on instruction which means for a small tuition fee you can scream at Zephos for hours on end (Or discuss the technical limitations of raster based artwork versus the inflexible nature of vector illustration, your choice really).

UPDATE: Would you like a taste of the class but without that daunting monetary commitment that threatens to strangle every aspect of your life? If so, please join me and the Vancouver Animation School for a FREE webinar this November 24th!

What is a webinar you may ask? It is a fully interactive online meet-up where we will touch upon the elements of anime and manga illustration! “But what’s so good about this whole fancy new interactive thing?”, you may further inquire. Well… have you ever tried asking questions when watching a video tutorial? Didn’t work out so well now did it? ^_~

For more information, please visit Zephos’ official post!

Anime Evolution: Akimatsuri (November 3-4, 2012)

24 Oct

Anime Evolution: AkimatsuriSince Anime Evolution was cancelled back in 2011, it’s been a while since Vancouver got a taste of that good old Anime Evolution flavour. A lot of new faces showed up since then to help fill the void,  including Mini-Comi and Anime Revolution, but now Anime Evolution is back with Anime Evolution: Akimatsuri! A two day 24-hour format anime festival at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby Campus) to sooth those anime-less autumn blues away!

As a side note “Akimatsuri” literally means “Autumn Festival” and this convention will serve as a stop-gap bridging the way for the full on Anime Evolution in 2013! Our very own Gurukitty Studios and Zephos will be there to showcase and sell their most excellent artwork as well, so be sure to tell them that RainCityCollective sent you over and that we want our money back! Ahaha, nah, just kidding, it’s actually me Zephos writing this, would be pretty weird and meta if it turned out that I was trying to collect money from myself… yet again.

To learn more about Anime Evolution: Akimatsuri, please visit!


23 Oct



SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4th is VANCOUVER COMIC CON. Come get some early XMAS gifts before the Holiday rush!


13 Oct

Engaged? Newly married? You should take a look through the pages of Laura Knows Best, the comic from Vancouver artist Brett Williams.

You may have seen Brett recently at Vancouver ComiCon.


12 Oct


Local artist RADIANT DREAMER has a lot of fantastic anime/manga inspired work online. The youtube channel is full of great videos. Check it out!



ARTIST Trevor Waurechen for TEDxQueensU

10 Oct

Comic Author and Illustrator Trevor Waurechen will be a Speaker for TEDxQueensU 2012. He’s the genius behind . You may have also seen his work at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, earlier this year.
Congrats Trevor!


10 Oct


Albert Art’s Homeless Quatchi & Friends, is now up to ISSUE #2 Featuring Miga.

Check out The Homeless Quatchi Project



COMING UP: Bellingham ComiCon 2012

10 Oct

Beth Wagner, and Albert Art will be at the Bellingham ComiCon Artist Alley.