14 Mar


As a freelance anime/manga illustrator hailing from some godforsaken forest in the Okanagan where hot automobile on deer action meant free dinner for a week,  Zephos has only one love in life, to draw cute girls doing cute things while thinking cute thoughts… well, that and food – sometimes both in the same illustration actually.

Egg Love

I’m actually not sure if that egg is suppose to be eaten or not, but it’s an egg for crying out loud, there’s only like 3 uses for them!

Due to having the time management skills of a squirrel and an inherent fear of telephones and the people attached to them, Zephos likes to remain as a rather reclusive “hikikomori” (“When the moon hits your eye like you’ve stayed in your room since July – you’re a Hikikomori~!!”) and assures me that this picture of Lilith from Borderlands riding on a Claptrap while setting random people on fire will explain everything.


This is why we can’t have nice things!

Well… that or visit if you’re one of those rational like people who like things that make coherent logical sense. ~^_^~


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