Zephos Unleashes Second Generation of Prints

5 Apr

Those who enjoyed Zephos’ anime/manga  prints will now be delighted to hear that they can expect them to get even better with the second generation of prints now for retail at future conventions!

After his first production run, Zephos worked out many of the bugs in the printing process such as “That annoying white edge” and  “Well, that came out darker than expected” and has also remastered the prints at twice the resolution for maximum clarity! That’s not all though, Zephos has also completely revised several of his original works, especially the scary unpopular ones that nobody bought, imagine that?

1st Generation vs. 2nd Generation

A 1st Generation (Left) and a 2nd Generation (Right) print side by side.

With the introduction of the second generation prints, the first generation prints will be eventually phased out, so if you prefer a particular first generation print over its second generation counterpart, please be sure to tell Zephos and give him at least a couple of sleepless nights questioning his fundamental sense of aesthetics.

Along with second generation of prints, Zephos is also introducing a new work for the first time called “Heart Attack!” to the line up. It will be on sale along with the second generation prints at future conventions!


LIMITED TIME OFFER: Mention that you heard about “Heart Attack!” on this site (RainCityCollective) when meeting Zephos in person and receive a FREE 6×4 of “Heart Attack” while supplies last! (Limited to the first 5 people that ask) ~^_^~


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