Juke Box Print Bad Business Ripoff

19 Apr

ARTIST BEWARE: Juke Box Print Vancouver

High minimum order, pricey, misleading, and slow. RIP OFF.


An artist friend had ordered large poster prints from this business for his own work, so I decided to order some prints from this place myself. I prepared my artwork, signed up on the site, and placed my order. My friend had referred me, so we would both be getting a $10 discount on our orders!

Excited, I couldn’t wait to get my prints! Order was placed APRIL 6, a holiday (Good Friday).


My card was charged APRIL 9. I get an email informing me that my order was incorrect because I added several image files attached to the order, rather than a single image. I was under the impression that I would be able to split my order into several images, which is what my friend had done in the past. Apparently, they ‘updated their order system’ this business provides a ‘Sets’ system, which basically greatly inflates the price of your order with each different image that gets printed. 

So I opted for a single image, for an order of 50 prints (the minimum on their site) with a turnaround time of 1-2 days which came out to be $32.


I email them to find out what’s happening with my order.



Thank you for contacting us.  Your current order does not have a guarantee for completion.  As there are many things that can cause delays on an order, from errors in the press, to an order needing to be reprinted, we are unable to guarantee a specific time that this order would be complete.  You will receive an email notification when this order is complete and available for pickup.

If there were delays in printing, shouldn’t they inform the customer?   No guarantees for completion? What the fuck? My expectation is if I’m paying you for a service, you in return do that service within the time specified. Are customers just supposed to take ambiguous, uncertain deadlines and delays?

With no other option, I  wait for the notification.


So, at this point I’m annoyed, and do a little digging online about the business. Upon my search I find one from the rip off report

Bad Quality and Bad Service Vancouver


Wouldn’t take responsibility for their mistake 


I email them again immediately.



Thank you for contacting us. I have checked on the status of your order and it should be done by this friday. The estimated turn around times only include business days and we never guarantee these times as they are estimates only. I do apologize because we usually are within the estimated time frames. Thank you for your patience. You will get an email as soon as your order is ready for pick up. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great day.

Have a great day? Are you kidding me? Friday? So that would make my order complete on APRIL 20.

Their turnaround time is clearly misleading, it takes 2 WEEKS to get your order complete? Not 1 – 2 days as posted on the invoice.

I reply to the email and made a request to cancel the order, and get a refund. Yet, I’m still waiting to hear back about that as well…

Their refund policy is shit.

What is your refund policy?

A refund can be requested before an order has gone into production – however is subject to transaction and administration fees. If an order is in production, a refund cannot be provided.

A full refund can only be provided if requested before 5pm (EST) the same day the order is placed (and is not in production).

It is the customers responsibilty to contact Jukeboxprint.com to request a refund. Accepting a refund as instore credit may avoid transaction fees. Please refer to our terms and conditions when placing your order.

If you have received product that you are not satisfied with please see “What happens if I received a product that is defective?”.

Juke Box Print is BAD.


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