Calgary Expo 2012: Beth Wagner’s Log

15 May

Calgary Comic Expo 2012 Day 1

I rolled in to town early this morning and was welcomed by my lovely assistant Hal, who said he needed breakfast and as I hadn’t eaten any real food since yesterday afternoon I had him take me to an place that serves all day breakfast, I submit for your approval, Kane’s Harley Diner:


After brunch it was off to the show to set up:

Life in the trenches:

Here’s what exhibitor’s see:


Then it was off to my room at the Twin Gables B&B where much relaxing and sleeping took place.

Calgary Expo Day 2: The Reckoning

Day two of the convention started with gourmet breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast :

Then it was off to the show. On getting there I could tell it was going to be busy. It was standing room only and people weren’t moving. But after a bit I was able to get to my table. It’s the nice thing about Calgary, everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.

On my first sale I had to go into my suitcase. That was when I discovered that one of my cats had “helped me pack for the convention”

I decided that between sales I’d take some interesting pictures:

Stormtrooper bride, it’s a nice day for a white wedding

I was impressed by the amount of people cosplaying Minecraft. Minecraft? Yes, Minecraft.

Steampunk backpack.

The child looked so upset and scared.

It was so busy that I never sat down once and I ended up relying on others to get me food and my life’s blood, coffee.

I took this picture for a hobby of mine, I like to to prosthetic makeup. I discovered that the form was made from silicone (which was duly noted for future makeup experiments)

Finally, I got a picture of steampunk Batman:

Yes, all this and I was still able to talk to all of you lovely folk.
Calgary Expo: The Wrap Up

The last day of Calgary Expo was the topper. As I was hazily searching for coffee I got a chance to meet George Perez, shake his hand and tell him how much he had influenced me over the years. Which is the only time I came close to anything approaching fandom.
The rest of the day was a whirlwind of people hurriedly making last minute purchases.
I also took the time to be part of an interview for a video podcast put on by naked ape productions called “Between the Pages”

This was the average amount of people over the weekend. It never really slowed down. You merely had busy and *really* busy.

I loved the fact that this guy actually had a scale model of the Silver Surfer.

The gratuitous Tank Girl cosplayer, who fit the role quite well actually.

This little guy won first place for best hair at the convention. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of him looking directly at the camera, although I plan to do a sketch of him later. Too awesome!

This girl voices what many con-goers were feeling over the weekend. We were so popular that we were over sold!

In closing, I would highly recommend this convention for all emerging and established artists to attend. The crowd is warm to independent artists, and as long as you have artwork and can talk to people there is no reason why you can’t make this a successful convention for you to exhibit at and sell your work. I am pre-registered for next year and I hope to see you there as well!


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