Vancouver Animation School: Introduction to Anime & Manga

24 Oct

Do you consume more anime and manga than actual food and often find yourself wishing that you could only bring the characters in your mind to life (That due to no fault of your own all look like anime characters)? If so, join our very own Zephos with the Vancouver Animation School’s newest class this November 12, 2012 to jump start your journey in drawing anime and manga illustrations the way YOU want it!… doesn’t hurt if what you want to draw are cute anime girls either, just saying. ~^_^~

Thanks to the magic of Vancouver Animation School’s system, the Introduction to Anime & Manga Illustration course can be taken anywhere that there is electricity, the power of the internets and a computer with an OS not reliant on punch cards! Also, classes are live with hands on instruction which means for a small tuition fee you can scream at Zephos for hours on end (Or discuss the technical limitations of raster based artwork versus the inflexible nature of vector illustration, your choice really).

UPDATE: Would you like a taste of the class but without that daunting monetary commitment that threatens to strangle every aspect of your life? If so, please join me and the Vancouver Animation School for a FREE webinar this November 24th!

What is a webinar you may ask? It is a fully interactive online meet-up where we will touch upon the elements of anime and manga illustration! “But what’s so good about this whole fancy new interactive thing?”, you may further inquire. Well… have you ever tried asking questions when watching a video tutorial? Didn’t work out so well now did it? ^_~

For more information, please visit Zephos’ official post!


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